Salvation's Way

The words that appear here have been dictated by the Holy Spirit. They are intended to be read with the heart and not the head.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Peace and Joy

God's Love contains the peace and joy the world is looking for, but God's Love is not found in this world. It furthers one to abide awhile in another world, a world where the light of Love shines brightly and eternally. I invite you to join Me there amidst the splendor of our Source and of ourSelves.

How is this other world reached? By simply opening the mind to it. And how is this accomplished? By letting go all thoughts that bind the mind to littleness and death. And how does one do this? By looking with clarity at those thoughts as they arise and asking for My gentle help in removing them. That's all...

Much love to you.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Connection to Source

The world entices one to look away from Source and toward death and dissolution. And so it behooves one to remain aware of where his attention is focused. A focus on eternal Truth allows one to function perfectly in the world, but without the need to plan or evaluate the past or future. By avoiding this distraction, one is able to receive the timeless wisdom and love that created him and that he is.

A thought of pure joy attends this focusing on Truth. Joy's absence is a clear sign that the focus has shifted to unnecessary thoughts of death and separation. It furthers one to pay attention to this sign and choose accordingly.

Much love to you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Infinite Release

We are offered the gift of infinite release from all the sad and morbid effects apparent in this world. And, in turn, we are empowered to give this self-same gift to all the world. What more can we request than this divine and supreme blessing? For what more than this could we ulitmately desire?

Is it not time to turn away from dusty, dead-end tracks and unfulfilled dreams? The gift of infinite release that we receive and give in this present moment blesses all the world with gentle Love and hope beyond imagining. It is our birthright and our purpose. It is the reflection here of Who we truly are.

Many thanks and many blessings.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Walking in Peace

Gentle patience is called for when seeking the Source, for the accumulation of human experience through which one must travel is often fearful to behold and then release. The fear to look within is strong, and it furthers one to approach with care that only steps be taken for which one is truly ready.

This is not meant to promote delay and indecision, but, rather, to suggest that Heaven is approached best without fear and trepidation. Allow Me to guide your steps in peace, and you may be assured that salvation will be the certain prize, the sure reward. For it is already yours.

Much love to you.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Walking in Salvation's Way

These words do not address the everyday world directly, for they point to a world that is absolutely true, instead of this one which is absolutely false. You may pretend that this world is true, but in your heart you are likely well aware that there is an overarching dimension and purpose that this world does not reveal and that this world cannot express.

Please devote the time you need to sink below the sights and noises of this world and rest within the world of Truth. For this is where you always are and where you truly belong, now and forever. Feel the warmth and relaxation that rise in your heart as you accept this joyful fact. Let yourself go, and be your Self.

Much love and many blessings.