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The words that appear here have been dictated by the Holy Spirit. They are intended to be read with the heart and not the head.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Peace and Joy

God's Love contains the peace and joy the world is looking for, but God's Love is not found in this world. It furthers one to abide awhile in another world, a world where the light of Love shines brightly and eternally. I invite you to join Me there amidst the splendor of our Source and of ourSelves.

How is this other world reached? By simply opening the mind to it. And how is this accomplished? By letting go all thoughts that bind the mind to littleness and death. And how does one do this? By looking with clarity at those thoughts as they arise and asking for My gentle help in removing them. That's all...

Much love to you.


Anonymous jackie said...

Perhaps there is no other world, only the real one. The rest is imagined, so to speak.

5:04 PM  

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